It is beyond comprehension that the mainstream media in America was caught up in any way with the salacious dossier of unproven, unsubstantiated and frankly un-credible tales of sexual deviance and dalliances by President Elect Donald Trump.

The accusations read like a cheap paperback dime novel with prostitutes, Presidential intrigue and international mystery. The problem with the whole 'Golden Shower Affair’ is that appears to be made from whole cloth. It is fiction it appears without a single shred of evidence to support the wild tale of debauchery.

Trump according to the threads of the loosely woven plot hired prostitutes for a night of aberrant sexual mischief, complete with urination show on a bed in a Russian Ritz Carlton said to have been slept in by the President and First Lady of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Penthouse magazine, a shrine of modern journalism and plenty of casual sexual mischief itself has even offered $1 million dollars for video proof of the naughty romp by the President Elect with a hoard of concubines. Don’t hold your breath. It won't be produced because it doesn’t exist. You may, however, be more inclined to hold your nose and sit down because nausea may soon follow the revelation that the mainstream media is now in the urine stream and headed into the gutter for the next four years.

Buzzfeed, which incidently is owned by NBC decided that because the baseless accusations were included in some briefing to Donald Trump and Barack Obama that it must publish the 35 pages of tabloid garbage under the guise of “well it’s news now.” CNN decided to follow suit under the guise of “those guys published it and even though there is not one shred of proof, we can now call it a news story because they did.”

You see how far this rabbit hole goes?

The truth is and I say this having been on staff with NBC news for a number of years, the media in America is in it’s death throws. What we thought was news and what journalism was even a few years ago has suffered a painful and public death. I would hate to be sitting in a newsroom today and wondering what the public thinks of the profession as a whole. What do you think the public thinks of major news outlets today?

Don’t worry they will continue to get louder and more shrill. They will be more insistent that you listen to them, damn it, because they know best and they know the truth. How dare you question their credibility?

In the end, this may be one of the episodes that bring about the final death knell of traditional news outlets. It will be very difficult to shower off the smell and the shame this episode has left behind!

America doesn’t take you seriously anymore. Deal with it.

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