Many of you might have read my piece about a newly minted congresswoman from Detroit, Rashida Tlaib, who told her 13 year old son that she was going into Congress to do the following to President Trump:

we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherf@&er.

By the way we are told that the “M-fer" Congresswoman is leading the left’s competition for mother of the year.

The main stream manipulative news have seen the damage the extremely liberal freshman congresswoman has done to herself and the party and now have circled the wagons to protect her.  Detroit Free Presses columnist Brian Dickerson wrote a piece titled “A short history of Detroit and the word 'motherf***er”.  Really Brian, that excuses the fact that she used these words in front of her child and about the President of the United States.

Fine people theses liberals are, wouldn’t you agree?

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