In the year 2000 measles was officially eliminated in the United States (CDC). Now almost 20 years later it's becoming an increasing problem in several states, including Michigan.

On Monday, the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services reported that the number of measles cases in the state is up to 41. The cases are in the following counties:

  • Oakland - 39
  • Washtenaw - 1
  • Wayne - 1

Affected patients range from 8 months old to 63-years-old.

People are URGED to get vaccinated if not already or unsure of your current vaccine status. Many counties are offering free vaccines for residents. While no one in Kent County has measles they too are offering places to get vaccinated.

The measles virus spreads in the air and symptoms appear 7-14 days after infected. Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Red & watery eyes
  • White spots in mouth

Residents living in a Brooklyn neighborhood, where there are more than 250 cases of measles, have now been threatened with a $1,000 fine by the city's mayor if they don't get vaccinated (PIX 11).

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