You know how tough it is to make things come together during big events the way you want them to. So many distractions and last minute changes and things you some how without explanation forgot. Pulling off the big surprise birthday party or perfect wedding can be damned demanding, confusing and difficult without some left field drama missile plowing into, and exploding right in the middle of everything you and usually your wife or husband have taken weeks to create.

Well that is exactly what happened today. Pepi the 4 and one half pound Chihuahua made one last ill fated approach to the food dish. You see Pepi is a guest… er was a guest in our house. He was the pride of my wife’s grandparents our guests for the past month or so and the envy of our two dogs; Gus is a 110 pound chocolate lab and Cody is a very sturdy Australian Blue Healer. We will never know what sparked the anger and the attack or even which dog unleashed the terminal bite. In the end Pepi was dead… it took mere seconds and no one saw it coming.

I hope you realize that these things can in fact happen… right in our own home and right here in America. We need to be careful of dogs that can snap and countries that can go off course.

Tonight the dog is dead and America is alive but how long will that last?