What happened to Port Crescent? This former Huron County town in Michigan's Thumb was one of Saginaw Bay's most productive, successful towns, with residents making a darn good living in the lumber trade.

Thumbwind states that of the numerous establishments in Port Crescent, there was a barrel factory, two blacksmith shops, boot and shoe factory, two breweries, gristmill, two hotels, post office, pump factory, railroad depot, roller rink, two salt plants, two sawmills, individual shops & stores, telegraph office, and a wagon factory, not to mention schools, churches, and doctors.

This incredible prosperity lasted from the 1860s until 1881, when Michigan's Great Thumb Fire eliminated homes, businesses, and millions of acres of trees. Any buildings that survived the fire were transported and set up in other towns and any businesses that remained soon went under by the 1930s.

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All that's left of Port Crescent nowadays is basically a smokestack and the old cemetery...and yes, it's believed to be haunted.

There used to be two dirt roads that led to the cemetery...one has been discontinued and grown over, the other one has a gate so you can't drive back. So you'll have to park and walk it. It's located on Port Crescent Road a tad east of M-25. Have a watchful eye, or you'll miss the entrance.

It's the graves themselves that send shivers down the backs of those who enter. If you go back there at night time, it's extra-eerie. These are old 1800s tombstones of the original Port Crescent residents. The town is long gone, but the “people” are still there.

If you:
1) enjoy history
2) like being spooked...
...then you should definitely pay this place a roadtrip visit.


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