Way up in the Upper Peninsula is an undetermined number of old mines. Iron, copper, etc. Undetermined because there are still some that have been abandoned, taken over by the overgrowth, lost, and forgotten by time. Every now and then, an explorer traipsing thru the Michigan wilderness comes across an old mine that is undocumented.

But that's not the case with this one.

The Clark Mine near Copper Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula sits deep along the dirt roads of the thick forests 2½ miles south of Copper Harbor.

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This underground mine had eight shafts and three additions, operated by the Clark Mining Company in 1853. After a couple of sales and different owners, the mine shut down in 1901.

Visitors to the former mine site can find many samples of analcime, cuprite, datolite, and prehnite. Some visitors say they have even found minute particles of leftover copper. Aside from these, there are remnants of the old mine, the most noticeable and easy to find is the smokestack, or chimney, still standing tall, regal, and crumbling in the woods. There are also a couple of stone formations that appear to be leftover walls of the mining company's copper furnace.

It's an interesting place to get out and walk, not far from where you can park your vehicle. From Copper Harbor, take Manganese Road and head south, past Lake Fanny Hooe Campground and the Manganese Falls. You'll come to a fork in the road, and the left one will be Clark Mine Road. About a half mile or less down the road is a dirt road on the left. Turn in there and park your vehicle. You have arrived!

Take a look at some photos below...then add this to your next U.P. roadtrip!

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