In South Lyon Michigan on Lake Street, you will find a Victorian Mansion. The Christmas House was built in 1883 by Captain William A. Weatherhead, a distinguished Civil War veteran. In the 1930s, the home was subdivided into three apartments, and housed a few tenants until the late 1980's, when it was lovingly restored back to its original single-family splendor. Every room in this house is decorated with vintage Christmas decorations. Over 20 full sized Christmas Trees, 100 animated figurines,150 nutcrackers, and so much more.

This home is owned by Ralph and Jenny Dunigan. They said their love of Christmas began when they were kids. They began their life together with a Christmas themed wedding. Since then, they have spent their free time searching for and collecting Christmas decor for the house. It was in 1977 that they began opening their house to the public to view their decorations. Two houses and twenty some odd years later they continue the Christmas tradition of their annual tour.

There is no conceivable way you can visit this huge home packed with Christmas tradition and not come away with a warm heart. The collection of Christmas items will take you back to your childhood and Christmas traditions of your past. I am guessing it is not open to the public this year due to Covid, but their website says you can make appointments for a tour. If you love Christmas and all its colorful glory, visiting the Christmas House in South Lyon Michigan will feel a little bit like heaven. Merry Christmas!

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