Testimony is getting underway today in the trial of the man suspected to be the so-called "highway" shooter.

44 year old Raulie Casteel is facing trial in Livingston County Circuit Court on a number of charges, including assault with intent to murder and terrorism.  The two week crime spree in October, 2012, put law enforcement all over the state on alert--especially those in the four-county area where the attacks occured.

Casteel's attorney is asking that the more serious charges be taken off the table leaving only the felony firearms violations. Charles Groh told the jury in his opening argument that Casteel is an experienced gunman who "can shoot where he aims" and would have been able to kill if that had been his intent.    Prosecutors, though, say Jennifer Kubiak--the only motorist who was injured in the attacks--came "within milliseconds" of dying when her vehicle was struck.

The trial is expected to last at least three weeks.  It's unclear whether Casteel will take the stand in his own defense.