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After living in East Lansing recently, an Iraqi refugee is facing prison after FBI agents accused the 29-year-old of lying to them about terrorist ties while he was trying to fly to Amman Jordan last week. Al-Hamzah Mohammad Jawad could serve up to five years in prison if found guilty of making false statements to a federal agent.

This is the kind of threat that many Americans are concerned about following recent Islamic terrorist atrocities including the beheadings of Christians in Libya. Jawad has a Green Card and has lived in East Lansing since 2013 but he caught the attention of federal agents after buying a one way ticket to Jordan. When detained at the airport he was unable to give satisfactory answers about his trip- his purchase of a one-way ticket, the purpose of the trip or when he would be returning.

Jawad, according to a published report, told his interrogators he pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) leader Sheik Al Baghdadi and intended to go to Iraq to conduct Jihad after a 6-month training in Fallujah Iraq.

The radical Islamic terrorist organization ISIS was described this way by Ann Arbor based MLive in a report Tuesday; ISIL is a Middle Eastern rebel group that gained worldwide notoriety by distributing graphic videos of members beheading hostages over the Internet. Yeah, no kidding! They actually released videos of its members sawing off the heads of American aid workers and at least 21 Christians. Thank you MLive for your clarification!

We are thankful for MLive making this clear I mean after all I had some notion that ISIL-ISIS-IS is a terrorist group that has cut off the heads of Americans and others that were actually in the region to help those afflicted by war and religious wars. I only thought that because that is exactly what this bloodthirsty group of depraved killers puts on the internet whenever possible. Anyway, I’m sorry but I got sidetracked a bit.

Back to out story now: after intense and further interrogation Jawad changed his story a couple of times and said what he told FBI agents was all a farce. It seems they bought this new story and are working to make sure he is treated fairly. We of course wouldn’t want to offend a pretend terrorist. Naw!

MLive Detroit could not immediately reach Andrew Wise, Jawad's federally appointed attorney, for comment.

Jawad is currently jailed pending a detention hearing before a federal magistrate. I am sure Eric Holder and Barack Obama will have important statements on why we should not jump to conclusions about such wannabe terrorists. I mean after all… if he had just had a job and better career path I am sure this misunderstanding could have all been avoided.