With cases on the rise, and much tighter restriction, there actually could be an influx of fake COVID vaccination cards. According to some researchers too, they are rather easy to rip-off.

Federal officials are worried we could see a rise in fake vaccination cards, especially as college students head back to school. So far, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan as well as many more colleges across the state are planning on requiring vaccination cards. They aren't the only one's requiring these restrictions though. Hospitals, doctor offices and other employers are slowly requiring their employees to be vaccinated.

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"This is a tricky one. I happen to be very pro-vaccine, so I don't really ... want anything to do with anybody who doesn't want a vaccine, and I don't want my kids to have anything to do with somebody who doesn't want a vaccine. That said ... the government cannot force anybody to do anything, let alone take a vaccine," Former federal prosecutor Anjeli Prasad said.

Believe it or not, people are heading onto the Dark Web, just to find a blank vaccination card to fill out.

"I heard this and I thought this was just ripe for abuse because my kid can make this vaccine card in our basement, they're very easy to rip off," Prasad went on.

So, if it is so easy to find and make a fake card, why shouldn't you?

The answer is rather easy truthfully. If caught with a fake vaccine card, you could face 5 plus years of jail time, on top of thousands of dollars worth of fines.

Prasad did go onto say, he isn't sure federal agents are going to crack down too hard on these fake cards just yet, believing they are worried more about fake vaccines being distributed.

But, with strict COVID rules coming into place, authorities, employers, even schools could possibly begin to crack down on fake COVID-19 cards.

There have been no confirmed cases of fake vaccine cards yet here in Michigan.

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