With the pending arrival of illegal alien minors in Bay City and elsewhere across the state it seems Michigan taxpayers and voters have no voice in the matter. Despite protests and push back Governor Snyder like most republicans calls it a federal issue and Democrats seem to support the idea of bringing in as many illegal aliens as possible no matter how old they may be.

I can assure you it’s not a federal problem. Today in Michigan roughly 38,000 kids with an average age of seven and a half woke up here homeless. Pure Michigan is nothing more than a slogan for these kids that are desperate already. Shouldn’t we focus on that problem first? Shouldn’t we focus on the kids… kids already living in Michigan before we bring more?

I can say without question it’s not a federal problem. Tomorrow morning here in Michigan 85,000 illegal aliens will head off to their full time jobs. Meanwhile 360,000 of our neighbors are jobless.

It is not a federal problem and I would suggest in fact the lack of a policy in Washington and with no plan on the ground here it’s becoming more your problem and mine every day.

What do you think?