Great Lakes

Great News for our Great Lakes
I am happy to report about some great news for our Great Lakes.
It is being reported that per the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers our Great Lakes’ water levels are rising is just the first 12 days of April.
We are being informed that this rise is due to the seasonal lake level rise and an…
Great Lakes to Global Warming: You're Wrong
How long has it been that the Global Warming Jihadists have been telling us that their voodoo science, bought and paid for by your tax dollars, having been telling us the “science is settled”?
Great Lakes Safe For Now
Back in 1998 an entrepreneur wanted to extract water from Lake Superior and ship it to Asia via tanker ships.  Apparently the Ontario Ministry of the Environment approved that plan before people found out about it and were not happy about it...
Steve Grubers Weekend Edition, February 21, 2015
In this episode's first segment Steve talks weather. With record lows reported across the state this week, it's hard to believe that man-made climate destruction is leading to global warming. The Great Lakes are freezing to depths that will likely result in flooding, all as the alarmists w…