A Tennessee truck driver, suspected in the sexual assaults of women there and in Michigan, Virginia and Missouri, is set to be charged today in District Court in Kalamazoo.

MLive.com is reporting today that 57 year old Calvin Ray Kelly was transported to the state from Memphis by a prisoner transport service, according to a statement from Attorney General Bill Schuette's office.

He'll be arraigned today on three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count each of kidnapping and attempted first-degree CSC in connection with the repeated assault of a woman back in 2008.

Police say the victim flagged down an officer after running across U. S. 131.  She claimed she had been assaulted by the suspect at knifepoint.    It wasn't until a cold case team operating out of Schuette's office in 2012 was able to find an alleged link between the assault and Kelly that the arrest was eventually made.

The AG is also looking to charge Kelly as an habitual offender that would make him eligible for a mandatory minimum 25-year sentence if convicted of the first-degree CSC charges against him.

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