The three suspects in the death of a Michigan State University student are set to undergo a preliminary examination today in Clinton County.  But, that proceeding could be delayed if there are new developments in the case.

Court hearing for those suspected in death of MSU rapper

19 year old Dustyn Frolka of Owosso was found last month near death after being dumped along I-69 in Bath Township.  Despite efforts by a passerby who discovered him--a nurse--Frolka died of his injuries.

Now, the three, identified as 18 year olds Samantha Grigg and Tyrel Bredernitz, along with a 16 year old are facing charges in the death.  Prosecutors say they beat Frolka to near death with brass knuckles to rob him then left him for dead as he struggled to breathe from the trauma.

We should hear more about why they targeted Frolka for the attack during the hearing today if that hearing goes off as planned.

Police say they're still receiving tips about the murder with the possibility that more were involved in the attack--or planning of it.  They say if that information develops, it could mean the hearing will be postponed temporarily.

Frolka's family, meantime, is anxious to hear details on the crime.  They say they wonder why someone would leave such a promising young man to die on the side of a road.  Frolka, who was said to be a promising musician, held concerts as a rapper in several communities in the state.