Details of the motive for an attack on an Amtrak train in Michigan are likely to come to light today when the suspect in the stabbings of three passengers and a train conductor appears in court today.

Michael Williams, 44 of Saginaw, was taken into custody at a stop in Niles in Berrien County after reports of someone acting suspiciously on board the train that was enroute from Chicago to Port Huron.

"As soon as the first officer turned into the car, Mr. Williams was less than 10 feet away and he had the knife in his had," Nile Police Chief Jim Millin said according to a report in the Lansing State Journal.

Williams was tased by officers and taken into custody. He's being held on $1 million bond.

There were 172 on board the train when the incident occurred.  There is no indication on why the four were targeted, but police say they do not believe there was a relationship between them and Williams.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting that Williams' grandmother said he is suffering from mental problems and is in need of help.

Ethel Williams said in a telephone interview that her grandson changed after spending time in the military.  She said he felt he was being followed everywhere he went.

Those from the Pentagon haven't commented on the story or even confirmed Williams was in the military.  Details on that could come out today in court as well.

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