The second of three suspects in the death of a Michigan State University student could make a life-changing decision about his future as early as today.

Suspect in death of Dustyn Frolka with deadline for plea deal is reporting that 18 year old Tyrel Bredernitz is in a Clinton County court today for a pre-trial hearing.  It's the last hearing before his trial in the robbery and murder of 19 year old Dustyn Frolka begins.  The Owosso teen was allegedly robbed then beaten with brass knuckles before being dumped from a moving vehicle along Interstate-69 in Bath Township back in February.

Clinton County Judge Randy Tahvonen has set today as a deadline for Brendernitz to decide whether he plans to accept a plea deal in the death that could spare him life in prison with no chance of parole.

Another suspect, 18 year old Samantha Grigg,  accepted a deal last month to plead to a lesser charge of manslaughter and unarmed robbery in exchange for her testimony against those who stand trial in the death.  She received a reduced sentence of 6 to 15 years behind bars.

Prosecutors say there is a good chance Bredernitz could do the same, although his time behind bars would likely be more significant.

A third suspect, a 16 year old, is still undergoing an evaulation to determine if he is even competent to stand trial.

The report indicates that Grigg admitted to driving a Ford Explorer with Frolka in the back stopping the vehicle so that the other two suspects could allegedly rob him and leave him unresponsive and partially clothed in the cold.  He died a short time later at Sparrow Hospital.

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