The hotter temperatures are here and I'm sure you are itching to get on the road but summer travel this year is going to be different. Some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted but there are still a lot of entertainment destinations around the state that are still closed, so how will this summer go? According to WILX, you will see less people and less things open but businesses all around the state are itching to open.

Most business owners around the state are hoping to see an increase in tourism from July-December. Most travel experts also suggest that people will be exploring more of Michigan instead of going out of state for vacation or flying. If more Michiganders venture around the state it can only help the state as well as help all of us because we get to see and learn more about our state.

One business that will be happy about the restrictions lifted is Zhender's Splash Village Hotel and Water Park in Frankenmuth. According to WILX, their phone has been ringing off the hook as many want to see when they will open again, so when they open they expect to have plenty of business. Most business around Frankenmuth are open but have restrictions on the amount of people that are allowed in so just a heads up if you are thinking of getting some Christmas shopping done or just to get out.



One thing that I like to  do around Michigan is to travel to some smaller lake towns, not only to take a swim, but because of the view as well as see the shops. I have already traveled to Manistee this past weekend and saw that some shops are open but there are still a lot of business closed. If more businesses open around the state it will definitely help travel but I might be waiting until later in the summer to venture out more.

Will you be traveling this summer? If so are you going to be staying in state or traveling elsewhere? Tell us using the app and use the "CHAT" feature.

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