Around the world, animal species have been put at risk from diminishing habitat, climate change, poaching, overfishing, deforestation, and pollution. Elsewhere, certain species multiply unabated without any natural predators to keep populations in check. From air to sea, Stacker scoured thousands of images to find 50 stunning animal photos from around the world.

Some are in their natural habitats, others live in cities or on game preserves. Many are at risk of extinction, while a few have populations on the rise.

LOOK: Stunning animal photos from around the world

From grazing Tibetan antelope to migrating monarch butterflies, these 50 photos of wildlife around the world capture the staggering grace of the animal kingdom. The forthcoming gallery runs sequentially from air to land to water, and focuses on birds, land mammals, aquatic life, and insects as they work in pairs or groups, or sometimes all on their own.

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