If you have received the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, a new study says the vaccines produce an immune response that should last you for years.

When researching which COVID-19 vaccine to get, I narrowed it down to two and they are of course those from Moderna and Pfizer. All the data pointed to them being the strongest and most efficient.

If you chose one of those two, then you made the right choice because according to WOOD, Nature published a study that found evidence that the vaccines induced a persistent immunity to COVID-19 and those vaccinated by either Moderna or Pfizer may not need a booster shot.

There is still no study that determines if the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines are full proof in fighting the new Delta Variant or any other variant that may pop up in the future. At this time, the best thing to do is make sure you are vaccinated with either Moderna or Pfizer and at this point, most places who administer the vaccine are excepting walk in patients.

The technology that was used in creating both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines was something called mRNA. This is a very unique and powerful tool for scientists because mRNA has the ability to give the body's immune system instruction to identify and protect against foreign bodies. mNRA looks for the spike protein found in SARS-VoV-2 which causes COVID-19.

mRNA technology was created by Dr. Kati Kariko laid the groundwork for the technology and has really become a hero in shielding the world from the coronavirus. I watched a documentary on Dr. Kariko and the technology she has created is remarkable and could lead to finding cures for other illnesses as well.

Even if you have had COVID-19 and think you are all good because you had the virus and don't need a vaccine. The Moderna or Pfizer vaccines will boost your antibody levels and truly adds a benefit to your immune system.

For those doubting vaccines, you should take note that less and less people are catching COVID-19 and less and less are dying from the virus as well. You can't argue that the science is working because there is proof in the rapidly declining numbers.

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