The FBI is using one of Michigan's own in trying to teach fellow students a lesson.

Students warned of the lure of profit

A 28 minute video is  being used to warn college kids about the dangers of spying for a foreign county.

The Detroit News is reporting that the video depicts the life of 29 year old Glenn Shriver of Grand Rapids who was sentenced to four years in prison for providing classified information to intelligence officers of the People's Republic of China.

Shriver accepted a deal for a guilty plea which limited his time behind bars.  He was released in December.

The report indicates that Shriver speaks of his experience at the end of the video warning others of the dangers of "easy money."  "They say everyone has their price, and you know, when you're being told 'Hey, you don't have to do anything about it....we just want to be your friend.  Here's $10,000, no big deal,' that's hard to say no to."

Experts say with rising education costs and the need for additional technology, some kids become desperate and are willing to take a chance.  They say this video is why they should rethink that.

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