I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when i cam across a posting in the Michigan Rockhounds page, from a woman who came across an object in St. Ignace, Michigan back in October of 2020. The object, discovered by Betsy Childs, at first appeared to be some kind of shell or rock with an intricate design to it. One person suggested the object could be of Native American descent, but another noted that the artwork on it was more of a European design. Below you can take a look for yourself and judge:


Betsy Childs Facebook
Betsy Childs Facebook
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There were a few people who gave some good ideas as to what it may be. Many people have suggested that it's an old powder horn for a gun, while other suggest the design resembles that of a Terracotta oil lamp, however both have some things going against those theories. For one, she described it as saying it looks like it was made of leather so it couldn't be an oil lamp, it’s not a pipe, it’s not anything used to hold any kind of liquid and if it is made of leather it's also probably not very old, according to one person who took interest.

After no solution, Betsy said she would be taking it to the historians in St. Ignace to see if they could shed some light it. If you have any idea what it may be please let us know, as this is now bothering me not being able to figure it out.

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