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We are stepping through the looking glass and deeper into the world of political correctness run amok.

6 transgender people have filed suit against Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson challenging state policies on issuing driver’s licenses. The complaint? The 6, helped by the American Civil Liberties Union say it’s "impossible or unduly burdensome" to change the gender recorded on their driver's licenses. Well don’t you think changing your gender on your driver’s license should be burdensome?

The plaintiffs, who are naturally being represented by so called attorneys of the American Civil Lunacy Union, claim the policy of noting a persons gender on a drivers license somehow violates a persons constitutional rights to privacy, speech, equal protection, interstate travel and "the right to independence in making important medical decisions." I’m sorry but how the hell does my driver’s license indicating I am a male infringe on my “medical decisions”? There is no logical way to reach such a conclusion but don’t let that interfere with your hysteria over this discrimination.

In Michigan the information on your birth certificate must match your drivers license according to the Secretary of State's office. That means transgender people must have their birth certificates amended before a change can be recorded on their driver's license.

For the two plaintiffs born in Michigan "amending their birth certificate requires them to complete surgery, for which they have no current medical need and which they cannot afford," the lawsuit claims. Yeah? I guess that means they are still the same gender as when they were born and that should be reflected on their drivers license.

ACLU lawyers further complain, "Denying Plaintiffs and other transgender people a driver's license that matches their gender identity and lived gender results in the routine disclosure of their transgender status, as well as their medical condition and treatment, to complete strangers."

And if you need one more trip into the looking glass here is one more priceless comment from the extreme left:

"The policy exposes an already vulnerable group to the risks of repeatedly having to reveal intimate personal medical information that, when divulged in some situations, can lead to discrimination, harassment, violence and even death," said Jay Kaplan attorney for the ACLU of Michigan LGBT Project.

Uh huh. What’s next? Will Medical Examiners, Coroners and Morticians be required to list on a death certificate the sex that the deceased person identified as? Enough. Stop this madness.

Let me help. If you have boy parts you’re a boy and if you have girl parts you are a girl. Until that is specifically changed then your drivers license must reflect what you are, period.

Is this stuff really that hard to figure out?