In this episode's first segment Steve talks weather. With record lows reported across the state this week, it's hard to believe that man-made climate destruction is leading to global warming. The Great Lakes are freezing to depths that will likely result in flooding, all as the alarmists warn that snow will soon be a thing of the past.

Steve covers some truly absurd statements made by White House officials this week in Weekend Edition's second segment. Department of State Deputy Spokesman Marie Harf said this week on Hardball with Chris Matthews that the problem that Middle Eastern young men face is probably too nuanced for the average American to understand, but killing members of ISIS does not attack the root of the issue, which is lack of access to good jobs.

In the third segment Gruber does the unusual by agreeing with a Democrat legislator, but in this case it is Congressman Tulsi Gabbard who is critical of the Obama Administration. She defines the enemy and calls out the Administration for not doing so. Steve likes both of those things.

The final segment comes full circle to climate criers and their negative effect on the US economy. Steve takes issue with President Obama's promise to veto the legislation just passed in both houses of Congress that would authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.