Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

The Fake Fed-Ex driver who gunned down the son and husband of a Federal Judge, may have been an attorney out for revenge. Judge Ester Salas 20 year old son died, her husband is hospitalized, the question is why?

In Chicago, The Shooting gallery continues at least 67 have been shot and killed in July already. 375 gunned down and killed this year and now the Feds say enough already and are planning on putting 150 Agents on the ground. It is a fight for the survival of the Windy City.

The concerted effort by the media to portray the President as failing on the response to Covid-19 got a kick in the teeth and its funny because nobody even notices it seems. But it is really important because the low death rates in America really matter.

At the same time, Anthony Fauci is praising New York for its efforts on the pandemic and New York is among the worst offenders in putting the elderly at risk, it is absurd!

The Media and Democrats are going crazy doing anything they can to prevent a Second term. Its really frightening.

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