Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

In Wisconsin, the insanity over mask mandates has reached a new level of utter stupidity at the Department of Natural Resources you are now required to wear a mask on a video Zoom call, even if you are home alone. No kidding.

The destruction in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago  has been focused on the inner city and downtown areas over the past several weeks. BUT now, the Antifa crowd is heading into the suburbs and mark my words this is going to lead to people getting hurt and killed unless these far left Governors get their act together.

For the first time the new Democratic Ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made a public appearance. So weird because normally a ticket appears together to kick off the campaign but not these two.

And there have been plenty of reporters celebrating openly as if Kamala Harris will somehow rescue Joe Biden. But before you pop the Champagne, you may want to hear the harsh pushback from the Bernie Sanders crows and others on the far left.

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