Welcome to a very Special Edition—of The Steve Gruber Show—Tales from The White House—and with so much going on—how could we be anywhere else—God Bless America For Thursday November 21st


Impeachment Palooza— Impeachment Parody— Impeachment Follies— Charade—Fantasy—


Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know—


Three— Democrats hit the debate stage—and I don’t think anyone saw one minute of it—I hear mayor Pete was the big new front runner going in—I mean seriously—America is not going to elect a 37 year old mayor from a small midwestern city to run the place—


Two— The Impeachment Fantasy continues to unfold and the so called bombshells are certainly blowing up—but in this case they seem to be blowing back on the Democrats—new polling shows voters are getting turned off by it all—and Trumps numbers are rising—


And Number One— While the impeachment craze rolls on in DC— We were invited to The White House—and President Trump sat down with me to discuss USMCA—and he says Nancy Pelosi is so incompetent—she will end up killing the deal and thousands of jobs

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