Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

With all the effort being put into making the Post Office the new Big Lie of the Democrats and the reason they might lose the election. It's great way to blame President Trump. its funny to point out Barack Obama wanted to end all Saturday Deliveries and dump all OT  in 2015.

Is China in the middle of messing around with the United States elections? It seems with all the talk about Russia. We never made any progress in defending against the real wolf at the door.

On the eve of The Democratic Convention yesterday, the President held campaign events in Minnesota and Wisconsin calling Joe Biden the most dangerous candidate in our lifetimes and a trojan horse for socialism.

The President’s trip was audacious because he is taking the fight to the heart of the nation. He almost won Minnesota in 2016 and Republicans think they can take the state this time and Wisconsin could go to Trump by wider margins than before.

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