Here's what you need to know today.

The Nation of Ghana is offering for those not loving America to come on over and live there. The Ghana Department of Tourism is focused on Disenchanted African Americans and offering them a taste of the good life.

A veteran missing for more than a month is found in a stairwell of the VA home he lived in in Massachusetts. Apparently with all the Covid restrictions, nobody bothered to actually look through the whole place. Well he was there—dead the whole time.

In Atlanta, another police shooting has triggered violence in the streets. The torching of a Wendy’s restaurant the latest move by Socialist Justice Warriors demanding there be change in America’s police departments. What you haven’t been told is that more than 700 officers have been hurt or killed since protesting and riots began over the death of George Floyd.

How does burning down a hamburger stand do anything to convince America that something needs to change?

Covid panic has returned in earnest to some places, and politicians are wasting no time screaming dire warnings from the rooftops of death and destruction. The purveyors of panic want you scared as hell!

54 scientists so far have been booted from their jobs as a result of a National Institutes of Health investigation into foreign money and influence in American research. It's all about covert hidden cash flowing in and 93% of the secret money came from—you guessed it—CHINA.

Protests continue around the nation and Seattle has finally seen its far left turn come all the way to a 6-block anti-police zone being patrolled by hard core leftists carrying AK-47’s and demanding protection payments. Ah yes the liberal Utopia is coming together nicely.

Meanwhile Atlanta is getting torched and hundreds of cops are getting hurt or killed.

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