Welcome to Thirsty Thursday, oh wait that’s later—sorry—I’m Steve Gruber—Caught in the Middle AND rolling up my sleeves to clean up this episode of Dancing with the Dimwits; a review of the Impeachment Implosion in DC.


Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know:

Three—Another blast of snow and early winter misery is on its way to the nations heartland. This really could be a rotten winter. The forecasters may have finally gotten one right—every now and then it happens.

Two—Mickey Mouse bounces back and so does Disney Plus+ and the shares of the company surged over 7%. In just the first day, more than 10 million people jumped on the streaming service, and it's now worth twice as much as Netflix.

And Number One—The Impeachment balloon was heard popping all over Washington on Wednesday and the entire Democratic production appears to be losing all of its air. That’s what happens when you try to pass off gossip and hearsay as a major event.

BUT remember— Jeffrey Epstein DID NOT kill himself!

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