Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

My favorite story in a while, the Dreadhead Cowboy of Chicago was stopped for riding his horse down the Dan Ryan Freeway in the Windy City. He is trying to bring attention to the number of kids killed in Chicago by violence. We will see if it works.

The Battles over the legality of mail in voting is creating legal battles in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Each one of those critical swing states are now saying ballots that arrive after Election Day can be counted, which is in total opposition to every American tradition of fairness.

The crushing reality is setting in for Democrats as a host of high profile Republican Senators came out one after the other on Tuesday saying they will in fact vote for President Trumps Supreme Court nominee. If they consider them to be qualified for the bench.

This all but crushes any hope the Democrats may have had to derail the process and despite the threats and posturing. The fact is history and the Constitution are with The President and his nomination.

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