Here's you need to know right now:
Obama Administration’s Susan Rice says it’s the Russians that are behind everything that is going on in the streets of America. Yep, when in doubt roll out Russia again!

In Michigan, Big Gretch is finally rolling back the lockdowns—and does so right after rioting in the streets. Funny she said protestors in cars would trigger a spike in cases of Covid-19, but Antifa apparently is a healthy bunch.

President Trump says it is time to bring the nation under control and return law and order. This comes after several nights of rioting in the streets, looting and murders.  BUT the left is hell bent on telling you the lawlessness is somehow the fault of The President.

America's barber Karl Manke is still not allowed to cut hair even though Big Gretch is opening up the state. You are not allowed to get a haircut yet, but she says you can figure it out on Google—thanks Gretch!

For the first time since World War 2, New York City is under a curfew. There hasn’t been one since 1943—until now—because weakling mayors and those pandering to the criminals that will try to burn down the nation are allowing it to happen. This will not last.

President Trump in the meantime is moving to mobilize federal troops to address the ongoing riots and lawlessness in the streets of the nations cities—all in the name of George Floyd, a black man killed by a Minneapolis police officer. And he says he will be remembered but not for rioting and chaos.

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