Is it really ok to buy an election?Well not if it's not me doing it! I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is The Steve Gruber Show Wednesday February 19th 2020.

Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number 3—So what if half of Oregon decided they didn’t want the states far left policies anymore and wanted to join a red state...say Idaho? Well those petitions are making it around in the west. Could it mean a change? I doubt it. But…

Number 2—It's Game Day in Nevada. Bloomer will make his first debate appearance and try to explain why it's ok to buy his way into the White House in November. And why he has acted so poorly toward women and minorities. It should be a blow out!

Number 1—President Trump issued several pardons and commutations on Tuesday, and some of them are quite surprising because one of them—for example—is a very high profile Democrat. And it seems a whole host of people are ripping The President for doing what he is legally allowed to do.

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