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The reports of surging cases of Covid are misleading at best and dishonest and dangerous at worst, and former NYT reporter Alex Berenson tears into the lies being told. We continue to ask, why are they doing this?

Murder in the CHOP—Seattle’s so-called Autonomous Zone—a double shooting left one dead and another in critical condition and means the now 3 block area has the highest murder rate in America. And it's just one of many shootings over the weekend where police were not around.

President Trump held his first rally in Tulsa Oklahoma since March 2nd and the battle now is over how many people were there and whether or not the campaign got submarined by Chinese backed companies trying to undercut the President and his efforts. Strangely enough, the foreign interference efforts are being applauded by AOC and other high profile Democrats.

Just like I predicted several years ago and The President predicted in 2017, the statues they are coming after now include Washington and Jefferson. How long until they topple Mount Rushmore and the cross at your local church?

The Joe Biden Campaign is lagging far behind the Trump organization when it comes to hiring people and staffing its efforts in the battleground states. This could be a serious problem in the next few weeks. Meanwhile the candidate has not held a press conference in more than 80 days.

The Media continues to give very misleading information about an increase in the number of Covid cases around the country—still predicting doom and gloom even though millions have moved on. Meanwhile others are gearing up to lie to our kids under the guise of getting back to school—a ridiculous story from the weekend.

Hope you had a great Father’s Day! We need more Dads!

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