Welcome to Joe Biden’s EXTENDED CORONA VIRUS After Party!— There is a lot to sort out—So let’s get to it— I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know—


Three— Joe Biden’s campaign—left for dead in New Hampshire—has gotten at least a short reprieve—with a big win in South Carolina—from the strong support of Black Voters there—but will it be enough—tomorrow—Super Tuesday?


Two— Scammers are on the loose—all over the internet and beyond—selling bogus anti-Virus products—hoping to cash in on the concerns of people and the worries of getting infected—so the warning is—don’t get tricked into something silly!


And Number One— President Trump and his team are focused on dealing with the Corona Virus—even as critics continue chirping from the sidelines—it is truly disappointing that those hoping to defeat Trump in November—will stop at nothing—and will politicize a Virus

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