From the Steve Gruber News Desk:

The University of Notre Dame has backed out of hosting the First Presidential debate in September. The debate is moving east to Cleveland. The 2nd debate was moved to Miami from Michigan.

In Portland and Seattle, the war in the streets continues to rage out of control and again. Who would vote for this? Ask yourself where would you like to live more Portland, Seattle, or maybe in a van down by the river?

The insanity of the of the country right now is really something to consider. Every white person is a racist., every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners are saints. Then I shouted out who killed the Kennedy’s, yeah never mind. The Kennedy’s actually loved America and were willing to fight and die for it. Can you say the same looking around these days?

Racial Justice is the newest religion. It joins environmental justice and a whole list of demands from the caustic children running in the streets.

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