My Mom told me my mouth would get me in big trouble. Boy was she right! I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is The Steve Gruber Show Wednesday February 12th 2020— of course that is Lincoln’s Birthday!

 Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number 3—Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is not going to have an easy time getting a second term it seems. She is getting primaried by a former TV host on CNBC—and that means it's not going to be a cake walk at all.

Number 2—The Department of Justice has taken the unusual step of pulling back from its recommendation of a lengthy jail sentence for former Trump associate Roger Stone who was guilty of being loud, brash and flamboyant—but the other issues were a reach says the DOJ.

Number 1—New Hampshire was able to get votes counted in a timely fashion putting the Democrats in Iowa in an even worse light. But in the Granite State they finished the job—and here is the way they crossed the finish line.

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