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Michael Bloomberg is dancing with a lot of danger suggesting he will pay up to $20 Million dollars to cover the fines, costs, and fees of 32,000 convicted felons in Florida giving them the chance to vote. So felons are the good guys and you are the deplorables. Let that sink in.

Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, got a $3.5 million dollar transfer from the wealthiest woman in Russia a few years ago. He also collected piles of cash from Ukraine and China and its all laid out in devastating detail in a newly minted Senate report. The findings of which could be devastating!

The Big Story continues to be the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the battle that will soon be a war to fill the Supreme Court vacancy before the November Elections. Democrats continue to rattle their political sabers and say they will nullify the appointment by adding new unprecedented justices to the court in order to give the court a liberal bent.

But will that work or backfire. A new ABC Poll just released shows President Trump taking the lead in Florida and Arizona and the trends with just 40 days to go are all positive for the Commander in Chief.

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