Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Kanye West on the Presidential campaign trail is trashing one of the heroes of the left,Planned Parenthood. And is calling out the abortion chain for its destructive impact on the black community.

The Supreme Court Gives half of Oklahoma back to an Indian tribe, and that sets the table for Federal Court fights all over the nation for what native tribes say is their land. The court also delivers a split decision on Trumps tax returns.

The Democrats who told us it was all about flattening the curve, are now ready to throw down if you don’t wear a mask. The hysteria continues. And Florida posted its biggest one day number for deaths, BUT nobody can say if it actually is from the last day. Baffling! In New York City all big gatherings have been banned EXCEPT Black Lives Matter, who can hold all the protests, of any size they want. Yeah...SCIENCE!

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