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It is time to start a formal inquiry into the weasels that have pushed this nonsense for so long—in a bit. Welcome to it. I am Steve Gruber, God Bless America, this is the Steve Gruber Show.

Here are 3 big things you need to know:

Number 3—Harvey Weinstein gets to avoid jail and other problems it seems—as long as he starts cutting about $25 Million dollars in checks to his victims. But they cannot call themselves victims because he is not admitting guilt.

Number 2—The poll numbers are getting worse for those on the hot track of impeachment. In fact, two more national polls show support for continuing to attack the President are slipping again.

Number 1—I am pretty sure the appearance of Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee is not going to help prop up those numbers at all. In fact, it looks like they might get a whole lot worse.

Plus another in depth look at how changing auto insurance laws will affect you.

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