Kicking off the New Year with an attention to details and facts. Just think, what if the mainstream media did that?

Here are 3 big things you need to know:

Number 3—President Trump sent US Marines to Baghdad to secure the Embassy and said there would be no Benghazi’s on his watch—and now the siege is over—a show of force that was very effective.

Number 2—Strange happenings in Hunters Biden's paternity case in Arkansas. It seems the Judge recused himself in the case with no explanation at all—now why do you think that is? Maybe Hillary knows...

Number 1—Great news! You are here and so am I, which was nearly impossible based on predictions of Apocalypse over the years. The idea of living until 2020 was just not likely if you listened to those who are now telling you the world is being destroyed—by you!

PS—you now have LESS than 10 years to live! Just ask AOC and company

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