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9-1-1- Portland. The rioters are not letting up more than 70 days straight the battle for Portland has raged in the streets. Remember how Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed Federal Agents for the violence. Well they are gone and its worse than ever. Attacks now focus on the Police Union.

The call to ride is too loud to ignore for tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts and more specifically the Harley Davidson crowd. They are filling up the streets of Sturgis South Dakota. Governor Kristi Noem is allowing the city to deal with it and Covid.

President Trump flips the narrative on the Democrats by signing a series of Executive Orders that he says American workers and Middle Class households are desperate forand puts the left in the position of trying to figure out how to complain about extra unemployment  ending evictions and student loan payments. All while his approval rating is rising and the race is tightening.


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