Here's what you need to know right now:

Former President Barack Obama has returned to address the country in the shadow of ongoing riots and destruction in the nations cities. Just think if he had bothered to do that while in office; just another bid to stay relevant.

On Capital Hill former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threw the former Deputy Director of the FBI under the bus, pulled him back out, threw him under again and ran over him a couple of times—just for fun.

Rioting in the streets of American cities has stirred people to say no more. It has stirred people to say stop burning down your own neighborhoods—this doesn’t honor George Floyd. In fact it is disgraceful on every level, and watching police officers get shot and killed is pushing us to a level of depravity we have not witnessed in a very long time.

And whatever happened to social distancing?

The worst mayor in America—maybe ever—Bill DeBlasio is facing booing crowds and is run off the stage during a George Floyd memorial in New York City. He is not only incompetent but he is also hated.

May is the biggest month ever for gun sales—think about that. After everything we have been through—including Barack Obama and his ability to sell guns—the biggest month ever has just happened.

It’s been the hardest year, and it's almost exclusively been brought to you by the out of control left. Desperate to find something to hang their hats on, something to sink the Presidency of Donald Trump, but after failing on impeachment, lockdowns and fear driven over-reactions—and now riots—Trump is still on top. What are they to do? Well how about defunding police departments? Yes that is the next plan from the left.

Americans support protesting but they do not support rioting and they do not support those stealing in the name of George Floyd. In fact a new poll finds that Americans in surpassingly big numbers support the idea of bringing military troops into the streets to bring calm back to our cities—if that’s what it takes. Are you surprised? I am not, and it should be a clear warning to the Democrats and their media pals that keep pushing the idea that rioting is cool if it's for a good reason.

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