Live from The No Panic Zone— I WISH I WAS IN A FREE STATE LIKE GEORGIA— I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America—This is the Steve Gruber Show— WEDNESDAY MAY 13TH 2020—


Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now—


Three— An Ice cream shop employee in Massachusetts that was hit with a withering verbal assault by customers—to the point she finally just quit and walked out—has gotten a sweet reward for her anguish—


Two— Democrats have seriously lost their minds in the whole pandemic panic parade—they actually unveiled a bill on Tuesday that would be the biggest bailout bill in the history of the world—with a price tag north of $3 Trillion Dollars— It just shows that they are not serious at all—


One— Dr. Anthony Fauci was on the hot seat Tuesday—getting praised by Democrats that desperately want the pandemic to continue—and then getting blistered by at least one Republican—who has already had Covid 19—who says the idea that we keep schools closed and businesses closed and the country closed for some indeterminate period of time is just insane—


I would agree—


BTW I have a big Prediction for today—



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