It’s time to take a breath and focus. We have a lot of work to do. I’m Steve Gruber—GOD BLESS AMERICA—this is The Steve Gruber Show for Wednesday March 18, 2020. Welcome to The No Panic Zone!

Here are 3 BIG things you need to know right now:

Three—The Coronavirus death toll hits a 24-hour high in The United States. Is it completely out of control or can we still get ahead of it? Can we flatten the curve? Do we still have time?

Two—The IRS takes emergency measures and pushes back tax day for at least 3 months. Unless you owe more than a million dollars as an individual, you are going to get a break from the tax collector.

Number One—China is caught with its hand in the pandemic jar and throws American journalists out of the country to retaliate for telling the truth. The President holds a marathon question and answer session and the number of people dying from Covid-19 continues to spiral out of control.

While business tries to manage being closed down by the government.

COVID-19 is now entering more critical days. This is Pandemic 2020 coverage from the No Panic Zone.

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