Here are 3 Big Things You Need to Know:

Three - Your investments are doing great in the market if you haven't noticed. The DOW blowing past 28,000 this week. Setting the record for the umpteenth time. And it's like no one is even paying attention, it's crazy.

Two - The impeachment fantasies continue to unfold in the center of the Swamp. Eight more witnesses will be dragged into the center of the whole mess over the next three days. The big question will be has any of these witnesses ever met the President, or talked to the President, or been on a phone call?

One - Broadcasting live from the White House. The big push today is USMCA, NAFTA 2.0 if you will, that will greatly benefit several swing states. None bigger than Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Those of course the Trifecta of States that sent Donald Trump to the White House

But first remember Jefferey Epstein did not kill himself!!!

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