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Big slide on Wall Street as the fear mongers are blathering on about a new spike in Covid-19—and that has rattled investors. But the new spike has not materialized in Europe—not Italy or Spain or Sweden—NOT in deaths or hospitalizations! So what are the purveyors of panic porn trying to do? Lie!

How about a new digital dog tag to hang around your neck? That’s what Tony Blair says the world needs to track and trace illness, and yes that is how they are going to try and sell you on giving up any remnant of privacy.

Seattle streets in the Capital Hill area are being run by protestors and Antifa followers, and it seems the city is ok with the idea of there being no-go zones in America that are run by far left activists. However, there are rumors of shakedowns and violence because there are no police officers around—go figure.

Florida has marked its highest daily increase in the number of Covid cases—and to hear the networks say it, it’s a very big deal. What they fail to tell you is deaths and hospitalizations are not spiking—so right now, it means little.

Senator Lindsey Graham is finally on the move, getting subpoena power to go after the conspirators in the Crossfire Hurricane Scandal that is slowly eating its way through the former Administration of Barack Obama.

Antifa and other far left radicals have taken over several city blocks in Seattle declaring it an autonomous zone where police are not allowed. The President says this cannot and will not stand, and let's be honest it is absolutely ridiculous to allow such insanity to go unchallenged by the Mayor and the Governor. Welcome to YOUR Democratic Party of 2020.

The border between Canada and The United States will remain closed to non-essential travel through at least the end of July, which is devastating to seasonal tourist businesses north of the border. Tough here too, but nothing like it is there.

Another major court victory for Enbridge and another major legal setback for Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel. And the power pair in Lansing Big Gretch and Company getting the latest in a string of high profile legal setbacks—the others were related to America’s Barber and over the top lockdown orders. Now it's over the future of energy and business.

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