Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now.

Another major police Union in a key swing state has made a major announcement and endorsed President Trump just like I told you weeks ago. There is no way Law Enforcement can support Democrats in 2020, how could they?

Joe Biden is apparently paring the list of finalists to be his VP choice to run on the ticket with him. As that ticket is being dragged farther and farther to the left, who is it going to be?

North of the Border kids in Canada are all headed back to school, in person and full-time in September. You know why? Because they OBVIOUSLY hate their Children or they are dumb science deniers who clearly don’t understand that Covid is the Black Plague or maybe they Love Donald Trump So Much. They are doing it just to support The President!

Or maybe like nearly every other country on the planet, they have figured out. Kids need to be in school and the damage of not being there is a much bigger risk!


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