Its time to turn our eyes to Christmas—and of course the gift of impeachment that is sure to come—I am Steve Gruber—God Bless America—This is the Steve Gruber Show!


And here are 3 Big Things you need to know right now!


Number 3— The Game—really isn’t any more—Ohio State has one 8 times in a row over Michigan—Urban Meyer left without ever losing to the Team Up North—the good news for sports fans there—the basketball team does look to be the real thing!


Number 2— At least 21 people were killed including 4 police officers in a violent gun battle just south of the US—Mexican border—it is the latest outburst of raging violence—as drug cartels fight for their turf—


Number 1— Adam Schiff and the partisan impeachment train will begin rolling again now that Thanksgiving is over—that despite the effort flat lining with independent voters in swing states—which could push re-election into President Trump’s hands in 2020—but the left seems oblivious

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