Steve Dulan, is a licensed attorney and real estate broker. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors, Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners.


The economy and the issues with unemployment


Steve Gruber: You're responding well to the beatings. Thank you so much. So real quickly. What is the court of claims? And why do we have to go through the court of claims the legislature that is after filing a lawsuit against the governor saying you don't have the right to continue to lock the state down.
Steve Dulan: Well, the court of claims was created not that long ago in legal terms. It's a few years ago in order to handle certain types of cases that used to have to go to an Oil circuit court and since the capital is located in Ingham County that meant that there were Ingham County judges handling cases that really didn't have much to do specifically with Ingham County. So the court of claims was created to handle cases where the state is a party.
Steve Gruber: okay, so do we do we the people stand much of a chance here do we the


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