Grand Valley State University students have been under a "stay in place" order from the Ottawa County Department of Public Heath that was set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on October 1, but officials have now issued a second order that will keep students home longer.

The initial order went into effect after officials noted a spike in cases as students returned to campus for classes. WZZM-13 reports that there has been a decline in active cases on campus since the initial order was put into effect, but there are still 122 active cases of COVID-19 affiliated with the university.

OCDPH says that while the improvements are great, there is still evidence that gatherings at student residences has not been compliant with the Governor's Executive Order (which allows no more than ten people, with face coverings and social distancing.) In their order, OCDPH said,

Though there has been a decrease in average daily cases among GVSU students living near- and off campus, most cases continue to be among these students and appear to be driven by congregate living and congregate gathering without preventive precautions.

The new order is slighly more relaed than the previous one. Under the new order, up to four guests may visit indoor residences while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Outdoor parties and activities not organized by the university are limited to ten people, and all attendees must practice social distancing and wear face coverings.

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